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TRIO学生支持服务(SSS)是春田技术社区学院(十大彩票平台)学生事务部的一部分。. 该项目帮助学生适应大学环境,帮助他们为从大学到职业或从十大彩票平台到四年制学院/大学的过渡做好准备. TRIO SSS的目的是帮助学生保持良好的学术成绩, experience academic achievement, increase persistence and college graduation, 并在获得副学士学位后促进转学到四年制学院/大学. 该计划为项目参与者提供支持性服务,并强调学生在十大彩票平台期间持续联系的重要性.


TRIO SSS services include academic, career and transfer advising; career assessment, planning and guidance; assistance in course selection, registration, and completing FAFSA, financial aid and scholarship applications; study skills support, academic tutoring, skill development workshops, and specialized college success seminars; orientations and referrals to non-academic resources. 该项目还为学生提供了各种数学课所需的软件代码(如.g. My Math Lab, My Stats Lab, etc.), 有限数量的TRIO SSS助学金奖学金, 十大彩票平台学生的兼职就业机会有限.


Students who have not yet earned an Associate’s degree or higher; who are either first-generation college (neither parent has received a bachelor’s degree); have a financial need (as determined by individual or family taxable income); and/or have a documented disability are eligible for participation if they meet these requirements:

  • A U.S. citizen, 永久居民或符合居住要求,以获得联邦学生经济援助
  • 目前就读于十大彩票平台(鼓励学生在被十大彩票平台录取后申请TRIO SSS)
  • 是否需要学术支持才能顺利毕业

How To Apply

有兴趣参加TRIO SSS计划的学生应:

  1. 填写参加者申请表并交回TRIO SSS办公室.
    1. Download the Participation Application PDF and save the file.
    2. Open the application with the free PDF reader Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    3. Complete the application and sign using an electronic signature.
    4. Save the completed file.
    5. Email the completed application to 或将填妥的申请表带到19号楼266室的TRIO SSS办公室. 书面申请可在TRIO办公室索取.
  2. Once your application is processed, 您将被联系并安排与TRIO SSS辅导员进行入学面试.
  3. After your intake interview, 您将被安排参加TRIO SSS主任的最后一次面试. 面试可以是面对面的,也可以是虚拟的(通过Zoom或Google Meet).



Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Location and Contact

Ira H. Rubenzahl Student Learning Commons (B19), Suite 266


Springfield Technical Community College
Attn: TRIO Student Support Services
One Armory Square
Springfield, MA 01102

有兴趣作为兼职同伴导师参与该计划的学生, or Work-study student, 是否应该联系项目办公室以获得更多关于这些职位的信息.